Barb Ridener

It’s Not About Can’t

Are you being your full-out, amazing self?

Or are you looking at your life through cracked, rose-colored glasses?  These are the kind that lets you see how wonderful life would be if only something wasn’t getting in the way.

While I hope that you don’t look at your life that way, I have to confess that until recently, I did.  Throughout my life I’ve been many things: a daughter, a mother, a wife, a teacher, a professor, a sales person, a speaker, a presenter, a care-giver, a manager, and probably far more roles…but you get the idea.  The problem was that I couldn’t admit to the dreams within my heart.  I was hiding behind the endless reasons that I came up with for why I couldn’t…do, be, or admit to what I really wanted.

What would you do and who would you be if you were willing to step toward  your dreams and failure wasn’t a possibility?

The first step is to see your dream and decide that you’re too important to put it off until someday.  I hope you’re like me and find that it’s time to take off the mask of uncertainty and love all the things that make you who you are.  Not judging, just loving…oh, and living…fiercely living!

I’m all in.  How about you?

I can see your mind spinning.  Just stop it!  

Don’t tell me why you can’t!! What are you waiting for?  Things aren’t going to change without you!

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