Month: February 2014

Walk with Your Heart

Walk with your heart Hold it’s hand, let it guide you As you face fears you know, But pretend away On paths you don’t dare to go Without a friend It will travel with you Listen to its wisdom It

I Wish “Failure” Came with Footnotes

Starting this afternoon, I started wondering if the results were in.  Every few minutes I’d check my email and check facebook.  Nope.  Nothing yet.  Finally, I got the email, I followed the link.  I read the list once, then twice.


Breathe…. I have to remind myself to take a second, a minute, an hour, a day, and breathe… I have the things that I want to do and yet I’m smothered by the things that I have to do.  There

It’s time

I can no longer be the person I was That has become to painful, It is time that I step forward As the person who I was always meant to be!

I’m just not that structured

After trying to spend a few weeks scheduling everything, I have found that it just isn’t for me.  Of course, I’m not going to abandon scheduling completely, and some might think that I didn’t give it a fair chance, but

Beyond the rocks

Stones become boulders And I trip over rocks that should just be kicked away. I catch myself, but it doesn’t keep me from stumbling In search of the rainbow I find all the trolls They want to scare me off


They hide inside Down deep Hidden from me I hope they don’t show themselves glaring To friend and foe who might use them But I know they are there as gremlins Eating away. Even as I try to push them