Month: March 2014

And speaking of travel…

So, having been in quite a few hotel rooms, I have a few comments to make. Please understand, I’m not picky! I’m not just a little bit “not picky”, I’m a WHOLE LOTTA not picky! I generally don’t care about

On the road again

I have a love hate relationship with travel, but mostly love. And not just any travel, but solitary travel and especially at the beginning. It gives me the feeling of being unattached and free. It is the wonder of looking

Jump!…no matter how far… Nancy Levin is amazing!

Nancy Levin has written an amazingly honest and relatable book. Jump…And Your Life Will Appear weaves lessons that Nancy has learned in her life into a road map the rest of us can follow to make the necessary steps to

Some lessons I need to relearn

The other day, I was at a car wash to support one of my daughter’s clubs.  Many of the students wore shirts that said, “Service Before Self”.  It was a powerful message that caught me off guard because I am

Book Review – The Turning Point by Gregg Braden

The Turning Point: Creating Resilience in a Time of Extremes is more than a doomsday look at the crises of our times, but a practical look at our changing realities with a happy ending twist.  I received this book for

It’s been a long time since I sighed

I caught myself, just a few minutes ago, sighing out of contentment, and acknowledgement. Hearing the sound, and then the feeling that came with it made me realize, that it’s been a long time since I sighed. Sighing used to

A journey worth taking

I look back on the weeks since I began my journey with Nancy Levin as my guide, and I can’t say that I’m where I thought that I would be, and yet still I know that I am O.K. with

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned

I look at the past few weeks, as parallel to a place I learned about in my religious upbringing. I have been in purgatory. In this place between heaven and hell I have been pushing, not to accomplish what I