Month: April 2014

Security – ten words that blew open my world

After a fabulous weekend attending I Can Do It – Ft. Lauderdale, I carried a positive attitude into my Monday. Usually this means that the crash is about to happen. Usually it means that I am hit with some frustration

I choose

I choose To listen to my heart As it speaks to me in whispers, To squeal With joy that’s almost too silent to hear I choose To feel with every cell And every fiber A limitlessness that is silent And

The Numerology Guidebook – review

The Numerology Guidebook by Michelle Buchanan is an easy-to-follow and comprehensive guide to numerology.  From the introduction, Ms. Buchanan provides an overview of numerology before diving into an explanation of the core numbers, how to find them, and what they

Today, I choose love

I have spent the last couple of days in New Orleans.  Oh, I’m sure it sounds pretty glamorous, but for me, not so much.  It has been a much-needed time for clearing and opening….or opening and clearing. I went into