Month: May 2014

I shut the door to “that’s ok”

It’s so unlike me, but it feels so right. I have a bad habit that when I’m presented with an option to do, rather than not do, I say, “oh, that’s ok. I’m fine.” Well you know what? It wasn’t

May be its a sign to move on

Is it the person or is it the message? I usually receive no less than 100 emails every day and that might be a very conservative estimate.  Some are spam.  Some are personal. Some are work related.  Some are the

To be

In your arms I breathe I unfold in a space That gives me wings I fly Through dreams yet unimagined And hope expands beyond me I fall… You catch me And yet I am free To be

Fearful Dreams

Last night I reached for you To rub your legs The way you like And with your sigh My body relaxed Then jolted and burned with fear For you weren’t there But rather the nightmare of my past And my

I am

I am What I hope To be what I dare To dream beyond my vision I move mountains In my mind they are small Obstacles as stones Easily cast aside I dance With energy unbounded On feet that skim gracefully

Don’t put off happiness

I used to put off happiness because I thought there was a quota. That I was only allowed so much. And I was SO wrong! When I looked at a plate of food, I wouldn’t eat the food I liked

Adulthood and Divorce

We are born as helpless infants.  For the next 18 years we grow and mature and on our 18th birthday, we are adults.  At that point, our parents can pack our bags, wish us well, show us the door, and never

The Remembering Process is a must read

I remember reading The Remembering Process by Daniel Barrett and Joe Vitale and I remembered that it made so much sense and that I really enjoyed it.  I remember that it was the key that unlocked the blinds that were


Free me My mind Unleash the restraints They choke back each word I strain to utter Let me wake in a place Without boundaries I will stretch my muscles Cautious Fearing the yank on my leash sure to come Each

What percent of your life are you living?

What percent of your life are you living?  As I scrambled through my morning I asked my self that question.  I have to admit, at this second while I’m writing this, it feels like less than 50%.  There are times