Month: July 2014

Broken Dreams

Somehow I knew That broken dreams could be shattered To pieces like glass Smashed, with fragments falling into cracks Lurking, waiting for me Only, to step on later, as a reminder Of the darkened illusions I’d forgotten and left behind

Are your actions moving you closer to your dreams?

Let me talk about myself. Probably my least favorite topic, but its the only perspective I can discuss with any certainty. The other night, I participated in the beginning session of “The Passion Test”.  Through it, I identified my top

Let the healing begin

Please!  I’m ready…really, really ready! I’m tired of being angry!  I’m exhausted with keeping my guard up and my walls strong to protect me from those who don’t care they exist…because they want their piece of me. I want a

I choose me

It shouldn’t really be hard…I choose me.  I choose to follow my dreams.  I choose to go after what I want.  It shouldn’t, so why is it?  Why is it hard for others to understand that I am choosing and

Molten beginnings and fragile endings

I fly and float On plateaus That hold my dreams Above my fears on the brink of tomorrow shade and shadow the foundry place That forges the space where tomorrow is smelt In molten beginnings And fragile endings… Where we

I don’t know how…but that can’t stop me

I don’t know how to be the thing that I’d love to be, the person who writes and moves you with my words.  Maybe because I’m not you.  But I know that as a reader, I love to read the


I’m half way through my summer and it’s not exactly turning out the way that I thought it would.  Ahhh, what happened to the summer of my dreams? This summer, I dreamed of time that I would spend in introspection.  Time