Month: November 2014

Stepping away from the hysteria – just a little rant!

What are we doing to ourselves?  Seriously! I’ve been hearing about Black Friday for weeks.  Start early.  Don’t miss it.  Get the deals early. Pre-Black Friday sales. Get your coupons. …and even a store map to strategically plan your attack.

When did I become unrecognizable?

A couple of days ago I changed my Facebook picture.  It was something that I didn’t think much about.  But, the reaction was not what I expected.  My new picture received no fewer than 50 likes.  Really?  It’s just my

Is nothing really nothing?

I spent much of the weekend reading, researching, writing and thinking.  Hmmm. Some would say that I didn’t DO anything.  Actually, when I tried to tell someone what I did, I started with, “Not much.” The problem is that I

What’s driving me?

Mercury is out of retrograde and yet suddenly I’m feeling a little … off.  OK, if you know me, no jokes please.  But seriously, things feel – not quite right.  My inner control freak would love to know exactly why.