Month: December 2014

To My Children – or anyone who understands

Hi Guys! So, this is my way to say this to all of you in one fell swoop! This is life!  You’re going to fuck up!  Accept it…and move on! It is my call to action! There is no one

Image Constipation

Image Constipation….it’s time to get over that shit! Last year was a time of acceptance but this year, the year to come is a time of momentum.  So I have to start it off right. I, Barbara Ridener, confess that

Letting go. But of what?

Yesterday, I was driving to work and thinking about all the wonderful things that are happening.  Many opportunities are unfolding and many doors are opening.  That feeling of possibility is one that I want to hold onto.  I was driving

My Year of Acceptance

Looking back on the past year, I realized that it had a theme. It was one of acceptance and love…but mostly acceptance. Of course, it was not the way that I thought the year was going to go! Last fall,

One Year Later – Time to be real!

I can’t believe that I’ve had this blog for a year now!  My how time flies.  Can I be honest?  It feels like I’ve been writing this for much, much longer….hmmm, that doesn’t sound like a good thing. Part of