Month: May 2015

Day 8 (7WJ) – Do what it takes to soar

Fantastic, fun, fabulous, fun FRIDAY! I’m thrilled that the work week is complete.  Now for the weekend. This weekend is about my daughter.  Shelby is graduating from high school on Sunday.  I am so very proud of her.  (I’m proud

Day 7 (7WJ) – Does it always matter if you’re right?

Day 7!  That means that I’ve been at this for one week and I really want to pat myself on the back!  Creating this habit is probably one of the most personally beneficial habits that I’ve stuck with daily, in a

Day 6 (7WJ) – Misguided Intentions

I was REALLY tempted to skip writing tonight because looking back at my day I wasn’t overly impressed by what occurred. But while it was a day like most days, I had a few successes. I walked/ran 3 miles again.

Day 5 (7WJ) – Turn it up and Tune in

Feel, DO, Repeat.  But sometimes you have to do it before you are feeling it! I Usually, Feel, DO, Repeat makes a lot of sense to me.  I want to feel what I’m doing, to have motivation for my actions

7WJ – Day 4 – Is it all nondescript?

I know that all days are not nondescript, but it sure felt that today was one of those days and I can’t really say why! I finally made it to the beach. Had to go south of the place I

The Price of Security – Day 3 into 7WJ

If I think about what is most important to me, security would not make my top 10. Family, Happiness, Connection, yes – just not the word security. Never the less, I woke up this morning thinking about the illusion of security

7 Week Journey (7WJ) – Day 2

So, the count down continues. This morning I sat with my bills.  I laid out the spiral notebook where I keep all my financial details – account balances, due dates, etc.  I wrote them all down a few different ways,

My 7 Week Journey – day 1

Seven weeks from today, my life “should” be totally different.  Seven weeks.  That’s 49 days.  That’s not much in people time.  It’s a heck of a lot longer for canines.  Thank heavens I’m not one.  But may be, it would

Is good, good enough?

In a recent conversation with colleagues one asked, “The question really is, is good, good enough?”  We were talking about a performance evaluation system with a five point scale that started at Excellent then went to Good, Satisfactory, Fair, and

Open the door

Lately, I’ve noticed incredible stress in my life.  In fact, I’ve been allowing stress to overtake my life for the past 6 months.  I’m probably a slow learner. I kept thinking that it would get better, and sometimes it did.  There