Month: November 2015

Intention without Action

I thought I had planned ahead but instead, I got behind. Knowing that Thanksgiving might be busy, I planned ahead.  I wrote two posts on Wednesday, one for Wednesday and one for Thursday.  I thought that was a good plan.


To see it all Is impossible from here Instead it takes time To feel the way the parts have not quite fit – To force them Like living tomorrow before it happens Won’t get you closer than second guessing this moment

The Day the Shadows Became Real

Disclaimer: I do not know many people who will really understand this… For a lot of people, the tragedy in Paris was a call for retaliation or a call for protection.  My reaction was a bit different. When I first

I Choose Me

I choose me!  And in doing so, I also choose you. I choose that I get to decide…and so do you! I choose that I will not control…nor be controlled. I choose that I will not be a victim….nor make

Under No Obligation

My youngest daughter, in from college, wanted to go to the beach yesterday.  When she woke up she came into my room and asked, “Are we going to do this?”  My response was my typical, “Do you want to?” Every

I’ll Do That Later

HA! Over the past 24 hours I’ve thought a lot about the comment, “I’ll do that later.”  I think that what it really should mean is that I’ll do it never, if I can get away with it. Now don’t get me

I draw in!

I could cry I wish I want to feed the emotion, but I can’t.  I don”t. Instead, I draw back.  Not willing to pull forward.  To draw in. And yet, I wonder why at the same time I know the

When Do You Break Tradition?

  Little by little, I’m trying to plan for Thanksgiving.  Tonight, I did a once through deep clean (at least as deep as my clean’s get) and got the table, with the extra leaf, in place. At the grocery store,

Thighs and Disappointment

The actual title is Thighs, Disappointment, and Owning my shit!  But I thought that it might get banned in a few countries, not to mention deleted by at least half of my relatively small group of followers. Oops, let the


Do you have something(s) that you need to give yourself permission for? As I lay awake last night at 2, 3, 4 a.m.,  with my journal beside my bed, countless thoughts came together magically and created a kind of virtual