Month: March 2017

So much yes…

These are the days that confuse me. Or maybe it isn’t a day, but a type of day, or a thing.  I left my home a week ago. Last Sunday I was at an art festival with family and that

Alignment takes practice

I’ve been writing about figuring out my desires and checking in with my body and really aligning with what’s best for me and what do I do when I have a chance to put it in practice? I blow it!!!

It’s a journey, not a life sentence

The past few days have been mom and grandma duty and then off for a week of conferencing. The goods have been visiting family and seeing the art festival I have loved since a child. The bads … traveling on


I have said, mostly to myself, that I want a relationship where I can be completely real and vulnerable. But, what I wish for doesn’t always appear as I’d hope it would.  Yesterday, I was at the Love of Literacy

What is wasted time?

I had a lot to say, this morning at 3, and 4. But then I just made notes in my journal and went back to sleep.  And then again at 2pm, racing down I-95, my mind a buzz, trying to

Me, God, and Confounding Beliefs

Let me first say that I’m a little bit tired. I had a busy day. But, if I’m going to make any headway, I’m going to have to forge ahead.  If it sounds like a good idea, I should probably


I have reached one of those decision points in my life.  The crossroads where I must decide which way to turn. To decide to stay the course or to navigate in a different direction.  And which direction?  So, what do I

Deciding, once again, it’s time

So, today I’m going to re-emerge and come out of the self-imposed cocoon I’d resigned myself to.  The past year and a half I have kept myself confined within a space that feels more and more like a prison every day.