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Anyone Home?

Hello? Hi!  How are you? (Siiigggghhhhh)!  Well let me tell you about what’s going on (going wrong) now. xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx OK, well I’ve got to go.  Talk to you later. Uhm (click) Ok, bye? I’ve been thinking a lot about

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Love yourself – even your messy bits!

So, true picture. This is my closet. Or at least it was a week ago. It looks better now – kind of – a little! Lol!!! But this isn’t about my closet or getting things in order. I know that

Rewriting past Stories

Cue the sound effects!   (Neighhhhhhhh) (Pppppppp) The sound of a horse could be heard across the parking lot, down the hall, or around the corner.  But it wasn’t a horse, but the boys.  They would see me coming and they

Do we have to identify the finish before we start?

Have you ever had a hard time starting because you didn’t know what the finish looked like?  It feels like our lives are leaning more towards a need to be certain and away from a sense of uncertainty or even


I’ve been here before with these confounding thoughts and aching ideas.  The chisel has been doing its work for some time now. Rounding edges. Forming lines. Deeper. Clearer. The shape, my shape (this blog) begins to define and then fades. 

My Smoke Detector Theory

I know this is probably a very strange post to jump back into writing. But, when the smoke detector decides it’s going to announce that its batteries are getting low…at 4 am…well, isn’t writing a post a natural segue? So,

Even if, not this…

I laughed when the image I chose was the same as my last post, over a month ago. Sorry not to have kept you informed.  Proabaly what’s worse is that I broke my promise to take you on this journey


It’s a roadblock.  It’s in the way, between where I am and where I want to go. It is huge and yet unknown. Unseen. Unrecognizable.  It’s the time I now might reach for a drink. Or a game on my


I think I am going to remove “Enough” from my vocabulary.  Last Tuesday, I walked home from work. I had turned in a rental earlier that day and my initial plan was to ask a colleague for a ride or

So much yes…

These are the days that confuse me. Or maybe it isn’t a day, but a type of day, or a thing.  I left my home a week ago. Last Sunday I was at an art festival with family and that