Pelican Dream – my poems

What dream have you kept hidden from everyone?  One of mine, was to be a poet.

I’ll change the poems on this page from time to time, but if you want to see more, visit

Dark and Bold it blows up

Between you and the vision of how it should be

A wall appears and blocks your sight and makes you think that may be

The possible isn’t

With time, the storm clouds pass

They fall aside and break apart

They give you room to see

Forget the terror that comes on the days dark and dreary

They cannot compare in strength and hope to what lies in the light

With faith let the wind deliver you to a place where the sun shines

It waits for you beyond your storm

It waits for you to find it

Lean in

Lean in
To my whisper
I sigh
Away fear
You smile
And there is light
I breathe
A new beginning

I Battle Demons

I battle demons
That speak
In softened voices
As though they were friends
But with
Sharp as knives prose they slice
And cut away at my foundation

They are the enemy
And yet they are me
They are afraid

As I defend against them, I give them strength
To tear at me.
For they know my deepest secrets, fears
I fight to unmask them. To sit them in the corner
where they will but wish to be a wallflower, to dance

And with a hidden heart, a sacred weapon,
I love them
For they are me, they are afraid, they long to be more

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